Terminal by Zuli; Bandcamp Link: Terminal

Ranked Number 2 in wire magazine’s “Releases of the Year”.

This album is pretty far outside of the type of music I usually listen to.

In fact, so far outside, that I’m not exactly even sure how to classify it.

Chopped and Processed Raps and other samples played over eclectic soundscapes?

Zuli is a Cairo, Egypt, based DJ and Producer. There are a host of guest vocalists on this album performing rhythmic poetry, most of it in Arabic.

The soundscapes often include the sounds of, I assume, Cairo. Car noises, construction, radio, etc. The sounds of a city. Some songs include legitimate music as backing, influenced or cut from eclectic sources.

The “beats”, such that there are beats, are usually digitally mangled through a chorus or flanger type thing.

Too strange to be pop music, but too accessible to be legitimately strange.

It exists in an odd place for me.

Interesting enough to listen to, but not something I am likely to go back to.

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