There’s a Riot Going On

There’s a Riot Going On by Yo La Tengo.
Label Website: There’s a Riot Going On

Yo La Tengo is like a comfortable merino wool sweater that you’ve been wearing for many years.

It’s a little scratchy sometimes, but just seeing it makes you feel better.

And putting it on, is like a gentle hug.

Yo La Tengo started by taking the Velvet Underground’s third album (The Grey Album) as their gospel, and have lived in and around that world for the extent of their career.

Dreamy, poppy, very occasionally noisy.

It is comfortable music to take a nap to, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

There’s even a song on this album called “Dream, Dream Away”. There’a a lot of good on this new album, even some trendy shortwave fuckery to go with the consonant feedback hums and whispered lyrics. Middle Aged Hipsters! What’s next, modular synthesizers?

Put it on and dream, dream away.

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2017-06-06 Play What They Want

Play What They Want by Man Forever.

With various vocal and instrumental collaborators providing long tones over Colpitts’ propulsive drum arrangements, the contrast between the two gives this album a trippy, psychedelic feel. I want more. <--Gratuitous Can Reference. #TodaysCommuteSoundtrack #KidMillions #JohnColpitts #ManForever #LaurieAnderson #YoLaTengo #MaryLattimore #GratuitousCanReference