Mr Dynamite

Mr Dynamite by Creep Show.
Bandcamp Link: Mr Dynamite

Creep Show is a band made up of a guy named John Grant (who used to be in a band called The Czars) plus the guys who make up Wrangler (who used to be in bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Tuung.) I liked Wrangler’s first two albums OK.

I don’t really like Mr Grant’s vocals.

I wasn’t familiar with him or the band he was in, The Czars, but he has this White Guy Soul/funk schtick that I find unpalatable. They even brought in back up singers on some of the songs.

Anyways, if you like John Grant and love analog synthesizers, you might like this album.

I could barely make it through. It was too creepy.

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2017-07-25 White Glue

White Glue by Wrangler.

Mrs Flannestaed disapproves of this particular exercise in nostalgia, but I enjoy it.

My understanding of the Wrangler project is that one of the members (Benge) has a junkyard (or museum) of pre-digital electronic instruments and effects units. Stephen Mallinder (1/3 of the band Cabaret Voltaire) was visiting, and they got the idea to form a band using these instruments as sound sources.

If, like me, you have some nostalgic fondness for Microphonies era Cabaret Voltaire, you may enjoy this. Otherwise, it will probably not do much for you.

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