Sex Tape

Bandcamp Link: Sex Tape

peter brötzmann – tenor/alto-saxophones, tarogato, b-flat clarinet
heather leigh – pedal steel guitar

The cover of this album depicts a naked crucified man embraced by an enormous snake which is biting down on his, well, uh, tool.

While I think the cover image is maybe just a bit sensational, the snake metaphor is apt for BRÖTZMANN and LEIGH’s dynamic. Initially, I was thinking the more apt metaphor would be a snake charmer, with BRÖTZMANN as the charmer and Leigh’s Pedal Steel as the cobra. There is a sinuousness to Leigh’s playing which is very snake-like.

But the more I listened, the less it held up for me. I couldn’t decide who was the snake and who was the charmer.

The way BRÖTZMANN and Leigh interact IS interesting. There is a lot of call and response between them. BRÖTZMANN will play a figure and Leigh will imitate it surprisingly accurately on the pedal steel.

It is more like two tremendously large pythons wrestling each other, writhing in a swamp, fighting or copulating. In the end you’re not sure if one snake ate the other, or, if one got away and the other is now eating its own tail.

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To The Animal Kingdom

To The Animal Kingdom by Rasmussen / Dorji / Damon.
Bandcamp Link: To The Animal Kingdom

Mette Rasmussen, alto sax; Tashi Dorji, guitar; Tyler Damon, drums.

Recorded live in Toronto in 2017, the sound on this isn’t great, but the content is FIRE!

Free Jazz in the Free-est, most energetic, sense. Rasmussen and Damon do slow down a bit on the second song, but then Dorji starts doing something that sounds like taking his guitar apart string by string, with extreme prejudice, and they get rolling again, building momentum, only to collapse back in on themselves. Destruction, creation, all that fun stuff. 
Just great.

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