Currents, Costellations

Currents, Constellations by Nels Cline 4.

A couple years ago, Cline and Julian Lage made a duo album called Room. This release expands on that by adding bass, Scott Colley, and drums, Tom Rainey, into the mix.

After the extremely ambitious Blue Note album, Lovers, this makes a move inside to a comfortable Jazz-ish, uh, maybe, Foyer.

The interplay between Cline and Lage is a wonder, with them trading off between melody and harmony parts like long lost conjoined twins. The feel, and sound, is, as mentioned, fairly traditionally “Jazzy”. The guitarists sprint up and slide down the necks of their guitars, runs peeling off at a speed that would make a Bebopper blush, but still take time to be pretty, on “River Mouth”, and a little sad on, “For Each, a Flower”. 

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2017-06-02 Roulette of the Cradle

Roulette of the Cradle by Ingrid Laubrock Anti-House.

This is the sort of music that your more hide bound “Jazz” traditionalists tend to hate. That is, while sections do occasionally “swing”, large swaths are more influenced by some of the more expressionistic aspects of 20th Century Classical music. Skittering polyrhythms, tone clusters, etc. Personally, I enjoy that the instrumentalists and composer cast a wider net than simply Ragtime, Blues, and “Jazz” for their inspiration. Also, great song titles.

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