2015-05-17 No Filter

No Filter by the James Brandon Lewis Trio.

Music with its roots in the Jazz tradition is always moving forward, always incorporating new influences. Mr Lewis’ group brings a rap inflenced groove to the music formerly known as Jazz. While I enjoy individual tracks on this album, listening to the whole thing at once, it gets a little “samey”. Mr Lewis’ emulates the rhythmic cadences of a rapper with his Sax, but without lyrical variation, it ends up a bit like finding the backing tracks from a great lost rap album.

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2015-05-16 Journey in Satchidananda

Journey in Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane.

It was Pharoah Sanders Soprano Sax playing that initially grabbed my ears on and pulled me in to this recording, but listening closer, the real hero of the session is Cecil McBee on Bass. His solid playing is the root which allows the flowers of Alice’s harp and the brambles of Pharoah’s Soprano to flourish.

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2017-05-15 Original Pimpant

Original Pimpant by the Émile Parisien Quartet.

Romantic classically inspired Jazz, I guess you would call this. But, Romantic, as in Chopin, Scumann, Liszt, Tchaikovsky; not Romance, as in “Without Finance”. Though, I’m sure playing this music isn’t particularly remunerative, as they do a fair bit of “egg scrambling”.

Also, a great album cover!

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2017-05-12 A Common Truth

A Common Truth by Saltland.

Rebecca Foon’s second album as Saltland for Constellation Records, featuring Australian Violinist Warren Ellis on a number of tracks, is a Dream/Drone masterwork. Lovely. Hat-tip to the wonderful Michele K-Tel for bringing this one home.

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2017-05-11 Big Walnuts Yonder

Big Walnuts Yonder by Big Walnuts Yonder.

Greg Saunier. Mike Watt.

Really, you could put almost anything on top of a rhythm section this solid and it would sound good. Kind of gravy that we get Nels Cline’s nuevo-television squonk and Nick Reinhart’s Coyne-esque yodelling. Propulsive.

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2017-05-10 Semper Femina

Semper Femina. Laura Marling.

Lest you think all I listen to is Jazz and Improv. I enjoy Ms Marling’s vocal performance so much, I find the production choices on Semper Femina, (string sections, loud guitars, overdubs, etc.) distract a bit from what I consider her strengths as a performer. But I appreciate a restless spirit.

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2017-05-04 Førage

Førage. Matt Mitchell.

Grace and beauty aren’t characteristics I normally associate with Tim Berne’s harmonically restless and radically syncopated pieces. However, on this solo piano recording of his works by Matt Mitchell, there are some astoundingly beautiful and graceful passages.

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