Rummage Out

Rummage Out by Matt Piet & His Disorganization.
Label Link: Rummage Out

Piano, two horns (trumpet and sax), and drums. kinda my ideal group composition. Free but not overly “out” improvised music.

Piet sprints with Cecil Taylor-ish in energy at times, but Mazzarella and Berman pull him back with soaring and intersecting lines of melody and harmony. Daisy rumbles beneath, a broken scree for the others to scramble across.

Live, without a net.

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Throw Tomatoes

Throw Tomatoes by Rempis / Piet / Daisy.

Saxophones, Piano, and Percussion, respectively.

This album is all about linear velocity. “FreeBop” wouldn’t be an altogether bad term to use for what is accomplished on this album.

Mr Rempis seems mostly to stick to Alto running up and down the register of the instrument at speeds that would make the Road Runner blush. Mr Piet chases, but often moves to ridiculously syncopated counterpoint. Mr Daisy tip taps away on his cymbals, a daemonic Max Roach.

For this group of musicians, this is, in fact, a fairly “Jazz” album.

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