Konoyo by Tim Hecker.
Bandcamp Link: Konoyo

I know the name Tim Hecker by reputation as an important modern ambient electronic artist. But, I’ve never listened to any of his music.

I saw he had a new album and thought it might be another good addition to my running list of All Hallow’s Eve Party songs.

But, it’s kind of funny, I’ve listened to so much abstract electronic music, that I think it’s skewed my perspective.

Compared to most of the electronic music I listen to, Tim Hecker just seems kind of “nice”.

He uses electronic effects, but he still messes around with chord changes. He samples somewhat harsh sounds, but plays melodies. He uses harmony, but not even much dissonance, octaves and fifths for cripe’s sake.

So, sadly, there isn’t much here for that vaunted theoretical Halloween Party, unless maybe you need a break from the intensity at the end while you’re cleaning up.

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