Live at Tonic

Live at Tonic by Wally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Chris Corsano.
Label Website: Live at Tonic

Two Saxes, Shoup and Flaherty, Guitar, Moore, and Drums, Corsano.

The school of improvised music that grew out of the New York scene, especially those that continued on from Shepp and Ayler, is a particular type of energy jazz. Distinct from the energy Jazz of Europe, which is more classically influenced, its roots are in smoky noir-esque honkers and marching bands.

Skittering polyrhtyms. Squeaks, Squonks, and honks. And whatever it is that Thurston Moore is doing to his guitar.

This is a pretty awesome, and pretty noisy, expression of that scene. Also, pretty well recorded, for a live album.

Not music to nap to, this is music that gets you to work early.

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2017-07-27 The Avant Garde I Ams of the Gal Luxury

The Avant Garde I Ams of the Gal Luxury by Heroes Are Gang Leaders.

Smokingly topical poetry delivered over funky bass, slithering sax, and rapid fire trumpet.

What’s not to like?

This album, recorded in 2015, is a tribute to Beat poet Bob Kaufman.

Favorite track, “Secret Heroes R U A”. Whets my appetite to hear them take on the topics of our new dark age.

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