27 Passports

27 Passports by The Ex.
Bandcamp Link: 27 Passports

One of the advantages to dating (and marrying) someone who has even more music than you do, (and knows more about it,) is, you can often ride on their coat tails.

For example, I read about The Ex, thought I should listen to their music, and all I had to do to hear their music was go home and listen to all the Ex albums Mrs Flannestad had previously bought!

So I did, and discovered one of my favorite bands!

Kind of like having your own personal Spotify. With built in (accurate!) Metadata.

27 Passports is the new album from Dutch band The Ex. It contains many great songs on various subjects. From a song about the homogenization of culture in the post-global age, (Soon All Cities, @michelektel’s favorite,) to a song about the tradgedy of the Afro-European refugee crisis, (New Blank Document, maybe my favorite, ) to a plea for more renewable resource use, uh, I think, (The Sitting Chins,) to the Tulip Bubble of the 1600s and its modern descendent, the Tulip industry, (Four Billion Tulip Bulbs). The Ex prove, I think, anything can be the subject of a song, if the music is strong enough.

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2017-09-21 Scrabbling at the Lock

Scrabbling at the Lock

Scrabbling at the Lock by The Ex and Tom Cora.

Reasonable people can disagree about things like, “Best Album”, but for me this collaboration between Dutch band The Ex and Skeleton Crew Cellist Tom Cora is among my favorites.

From the most casual guitar swipe to the ecstatic drum beats, everything fits together. It’s magic.

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