2017-09-08 The Gradual Progression

The Gradual Progression

The Gradual Progression by Greg Fox.

New album from percussionist Greg Fox, of eXeYe, Liturgy, Zs, etc.

It’s interesting to compare this with John Colpitts’ Man Forever album, “Play What They Want”. I think, strictly speaking, this has more harmonic content. The Gradual Progression has saxophones, vocals, keyboards, vibraphones, etc.
However, the core is still Fox’s drumming.

Mrs Flannestad compared “Play What They Want” to Drum and Bugle Core, it was so filled with drum and percussion players.

The Gradual Progression doesn’t have any attempts at drum ensembles at it’s core, rather the solo drumming of Fox (and various digital manipulations thereof). Enjoyable, perhaps most of all, because, the album’s lightness stands in contrast to the “heavy” bands Fox is most associated with.

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