The Dream My Bones Dream

The Dream My Bones Dream.

Special Stay-At-Home Holiday edition, aka Tai Chi Sountrack, edition of the Wire Magazine Top 50 Releases.

The Dream My Bones Dream by Eiko Ishibashi; Bandcamp Link: The Dream My Bones Dream

Number 32 in the Wire Magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 Releases of 2018.

There was an interview with frequent collaborators Eiko Ishibashi & Jim O’Rourke in the December, 2018 issue of The Wire Magazine. In it they discussed their reasons for moving their living spaces and recording studios to a remote village in Japan. Ishibashi’s new album was recorded there, inspired by her father’s time in Japan’s Puppet State, Manchukuo, Manchuria, China.

While many of the songs are instrumental, others are sung in Mandarin.

It is a very atmospheric album, with unusual elements of sound drifting in and out from time to time. It is vaguely proggy, vaguely jazzy; indistinct in a hazy, yet compelling, way.

It does remind me, at times, of the records O’Rourke worked on with Wilco, specifically “A Ghost is Born”. Another reference point for me is, somehow, the band Slapp Happy, a brief confluence of band members from the band Faust and members of the band Henry Cow.

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The Dream My Bones Dream.