The Dark Orchestra

The Dark Orchestra

The Dark Orchestra by Nkisi; Bleep Store Link: The Dark Orchestra

Number 43 in the Wire Magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 Releases of 2018.

Bleep sums the album up with the following:

“In an endless ocean of critics and producers suffering the daily dose of terminally impressed dusty tape tekno and hauntology focused hardcore and jungle throwback 12″s, Nkisi’s The Dark Orchestra is a glass of ice-cold water smashed across a scene that is in much need of a very serious wake-up call.”

I really have not much idea what the Bleep Store writeup of this album means, other than to say I did enjoy Nkisi’s The Dark Orchestra.

It is an EP. It is faster techno-ish electronic music with serious sub-bass action. There is enough variation over the EPs 15 or so minutes that nothing ever gets stale, in fact the whole thing altogether sounds not much like anything I have heard before.

One thing I will note is that Nkisi is now on a label called Arcola, which is a sub-label of Warp. She had previously been on a label called NON-Worldwide which has a few compilations. I seriously recommend checking them out. Some of the tracks on those compilations are pretty mind blowing. Electronic music that stretches its boundaries to include the world.

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The Dark Orchestra