2018-01-29 Front and Above

Front and Above

Front and Above by John Chantler, Steve Noble, and Seymour Wright.

Synthesizer, Drums, and Saxophone, respectively, and none of them doing much linear playing.

I do really enjoy Mr Noble’s drumming, a modern master of non-linear improvised percussion and extended percussion technique.

The Synthesizer work from Mr Chatler is of the bleep-ey, bloopy, SciFi Soundtrack, non-melodic sort. Very appropriate for the playing of the other two.

Finally, Mr Wright seem intent on coaxing every non-normal sound it is possible to make with a Saxophone, whether it is flutter tonguing, slap tonguing, splitting pitches, playing just the mouthpiece,…etc. etc…the list goes on… Anyway, I missed a turn on the way to work, I was so intent on attempting to mentally catalog what he is doing on Sax. Fascinating!

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