Parsa: Musique Grossière

Parsa: Musique Grossière

According to google translate, “Musique Grossière,” translates to, “Coarse Music”.

I wouldn’t disagree with that, but more than “coarse” this is a disorienting recording.

Seemingly unconnected electronic sounds, noises, and manipulated recordings roll back and forth across the audio stage. Sequential noises seldom settle into any groove or steady tempo.

If there is an organizing principle, it is along the lines of sound and reaction, as in speech, than some more “musical” principle, like theme and variation or harmony. The track “PhysMod Silverware” almost settles into a groove over the course of its brief 3:32 run time.

I guess I would describe it primarily as a percussion recording, albeit percussive sounds made with an extremely diverse sample palette.

The song titles are pretty amusing and, if disorienting, the recording is certainly not boring.

“Recorded by Parsa in Tehran, July 2020”

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