2017-07-21 Tenor and Fallen Angels

Tenor and Fallen Angels by Joe McPhee.

Ken Vandermark has written and spoken of this 1977 solo Tenor Saxophone album from Mr McPhee as crucial to his development as a player.

Endlessly inventive, yet not inaccessible, Mr McPhee uses noir-ish themes to launch his angelic flights into the open skies of free improvisation.

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2017-07-08 What If/They Both/Could Fly

What If/They Both/Could Fly by Evan Parker and Joe McPhee.

Evan Parker on Tenor Sax in duet with Joe McPhee on Pocket Trumpet and Soprano Sax. A diverse and enjoyable set of free improvisation duos from two masters of the form.

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2017-05-01 Sopranoville

Sopranoville: Works for Prepared and Non-Prepared Saxophone. Sam Newsome.

That title sounds so academic for such an enjoyable album! While these pieces are a sort of catalog of every sound it is possible to get from a Soprano Sax, it is Mr Newsome’s artistic creativity and vision that stand out.

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