One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye

One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye by Cecil Taylor.

A live album recorded in 1978 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Cecil Taylor Unit at the time was comprised of Cecil Taylor, Piano; Jimmy Lyons, Alto Saxophone; Raphe Malik, Trumpet; Ramsey Ameen, Violin; Sirone, Bass; and Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums.

When Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society’s album Barbeque Dog came out, I read a review, perhaps in Rolling Stone, and thought it was something I should be listening to. After listening, I become intrigued by his unique style of drumming and where he was coming from. I was listening to other work that I had found by Jackson, including Ornette’s Dancing in Your Head. 
The albums on Hat Hut had always intrigued me, with their odd cardboard box sleeves, cryptic art, and arty photos. So, seeing Shannon Jackson in the Cecil Taylor Unit, I picked this up, not particularly knowing what to expect.

The fierceness of the first two tracks, with Taylor, Ameen, Sirone, and Jackson surprises me to this day. Strapped to the mast of a ship, surrounded by a storm, waves lashing over the deck, not sure if you will make it through.

Music that sounds like their lives depended on making it.

Beautiful and frightening.

My life, and the way I listened to music, was never quite the same after.

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