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sextet | quintet by Polyorchard.
Bandcamp Link: sextet | quintet

Polyorchard is North Carolina bassist/composer David Menestres’ (@abstracttruth) ensemble.

His music is, as is much of the music I listen to, improvised music heavily influenced by modern composed music. Which is to say, there aren’t a lot of traditional “Jazz” idioms or forms floating around in this music.

From what I can tell, the musicians in Polyorchard vary from album to album and concert to concert, depending on the feels Mr Menestres is going for (and I assume which musicians are available). This edition of Polyorchard is heavy on lower pitched acoustic stringed instruments and acoustic brass instruments.

The sextet portion is trombone, cello, trumpet, double bass, tuba, and viola. The quintet portion is trombone, cello, double bass, viola, and trumpet.

It is a live concert, but it is recorded very well.

OK, with all that out of the way, this is a fantastic album!

Heartfelt, moving, adventurous, and eclectic. At this point I’m going with “0733” as my favorite tune of the bunch, but they’re all good. Sonic adventures into what sounds are possible, (and some that seem impossible,) to make with these instruments.

And all that sounds kind of stuffy, but the music doesn’t feel academic. The album feels and it breaths, and pulls you along with the musicians.

New favorite album of the year!

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2017-10-06 Red October

Red October

Red October by Polyorchard.

Bandcamp Link: Red October

A fine group of young men, playing freely and creatively.

Trombone, Saxophone, Percussion, and Double Bass.

Thinking about what language to use and differentiate this from yesterday’s DEK Trio album, other than just different instruments and different people.

Or, maybe that is enough?

Well, they both seem to be mostly improvised music and both are live albums. Red October is a larger group, (and particularly impressively recorded for being recorded live). Burning Below Zero has a piano, but no bass and a single wind instrument, giving it a different feel. Polyorchard’s album contains fewer allusions to popular music. Both have very impressive players. Both are great albums.

Will need to work on this idea of differentiating modern improvised musics. On the “to-do list”.

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