Overstaying by Kevin Drumm.
Bandcamp Link: Overstaying

Overstaying starts with the sort of speaker torturing sub-bass rumble that makes you wonder if that is indeed a sound, or if you had too much coffee and are simultaneously having an earthquake.

It moves into manipulated sound field work, similar to bowed vibrophone or Tibetan bowl, but the sound fields are executed more quickly than is usual in Mr Drumm’s work, giving a bit of hurried pace to the interactions.

A brief interlude with a squeaky door bowed instrument of some sort intrudes over the fields of sound, then gives way to pure static.

The next section sounds a bit like sampled insect or animal noises which have been turned into continuous sounds, then more static.

Almost church organ-like tones lead the next section which then segues into shortwave experimentation.

As that fades out, more sound field and sub-bass intrudes until the fade-out.

As Drumm’s work goes, this is a very musical outing and quite diverse in its sound sources.

While by no means “easy listening” Overstaying is quite pleasant and the use of various and sundry sound sources and techniques over the relatively brief (33 minute) duration of the piece makes it a bit more accessible than some of his noise or longer drone exercises.

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