Pylon II

Pylon II by Nordra; Bandcamp Link: Pylon II

Number 20 in the wire magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 releases of 2018.

Odd, as far as I can tell, this album by Nordra was released in October of 2016, strange that it would be in the wire magazine best of 2018. Maybe it was initially released independently and got picked up by a label ?

Well, I missed it back in 2016, so a pleasure to listen to it in 2019.

Nordra is the project of Seattle musician Monika Khot.

This music was composed to accompany a multimedia performance Pylon II (there was a Pylon and there is now a Pylon III).

The music is pretty fascinating, it dances on the jagged edge, tilting between abstract electronic music, film scores, pop music, and dance music.

It is mostly instrumental, with the odd well placed sample. The self slicing brownie pan commercial provided a bit of levity, though it was playing against another slightly disguised home surveillance advertisement.

Another win for the wire magazine top 50 releases.

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