2018-01-31 Kilo


Kilo by Mika Vainio.

Mika Vainio was in an electronic group called Pan Sonic (originally Panasonic). Unfortunately, he died a couple years ago, relatively young.

When I was reading about Venexia, seeing his name reminded me I had never checked out his music.

Some of the articles about Venexia compared Drumm and Vainio’s music. Drumm and Vainio do sometimes use a similar sonic palate of grinding non-musical sounds. However, going from Kilo, an album which was described as “punishing” in one article, Vainio hews much closer to traditional Western ideas of rhythmic and harmonic organization. Heck, the first track, Cargo, might even, almost, be considered a club track.

Though, it is pretty apparent, judging from Kilo’s car rattling subsonics, that Vainio was the one bringing those elements to the Venexia party. Which does endear him to me slightly. Further investigation is in order.

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