Messthetics by Messthetics.
Bandcamp Link: Messthetics

I was kind of excited by this album when I heard about it. A propulsive instrumental trio. Two of the members had been in Fugazi.

It starts off promising, the first song reminds me a bit of the band Massacre, (Frith, Lasswell, Maher,) or of some of Joe Baiza’s groups.

But, I dunno, the album just doesn’t sustain that level of creativity or interest. Kind of devolves into prog-ish, instrumental, pop-music. There’s a Focus-esque song. There’s a metal-ish song. There’s the obligatory nylon string, folk-rock song.

Plus, there are too many guitar solos.

By the end, instead of sounding like a great instrumental record, it sounds like the demo tape of a band looking for a lead singer.

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