Acceptance by the Mat Maneri Quintet.

Mat Maneri, Viola; John Dirac, Guitar; Randy Peterson, Drums; Ed Schuller, Bass; Gary Valente, Trombone; (and his dad, Joe Maneri, Alto Sax on one track). A mix of standards and originals, this is a fun record. It is more “Jazz” than many of the Maneri family’s records, especially with the contributions of Gary Valente and Randy Peterson.

I especially enjoy the loose limbed drumming of Randy Peterson. Wasn’t familiar with him prior to listening to this release, but his kit drumming reminds me a bit of Hamid Drake, with more emphasis on cymbal work.

We visited Sonoma Valley Regional Park the other weekend. You can still see whole hillsides with trees blackened by fire, but the grasses and the wildflowers are already coming back. Miraculous, in nature’s way.

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