Blocking by Kevin Drumm.
Bandcamp Link: Blocking

Unlike his “May 18” release, Blocking is NOT “user friendly” Kevin Drumm.

There’s a joke in the drone/noise circles about mic’ing an oscillating fan.

This doesn’t exactly sound like mic’ing an oscillating fan. The experience is more like dozing, half-asleep, in a hammock on a hot summer day, while the neighbors on three yards elsewhere in your neighborhood mow their lawns. Not quite disturbing enough to wake you up, yet too disturbing for you to get a really good nap.

Or maybe trying to nap in the middle of a power transformer or nuclear reactor.

There are some repetitions and decreases in volume that sort of give the recording a feeling of progress and some tonal interaction between different pitched drones which occasionally is almost like tension or musical content.

And if you really listen, the tone is not pure, it is always modulating and changing, a foggy cloud of sounds being driven by winds or alien forces not recognizable as intention.

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