Hundreds of Days

Hundreds of Days by Mary Lattimore.
Bandcamp Link: Hundreds Of Days

I chose this album, as Mary Lattimore will be playing with Dylan Carlson Thursday, August 9, at The Hemlock.

I guess there is some sort of risk to listening mostly to “unusual” or “extreme” music.

That is, when you get to an altogether pleasant album where not much happens, it can be, well, disappointing.

Not really because of the album itself, or its merits, but just because of where you are living, musically.

Lattimore plays harp, piano, some guitar and sings.

Like another Mary, Halvorson, she plays her harp with a rather dry tone, (she is no Zeena Parkins,) and she deploys a looping reverb unit. Though, more like the artist Colleen, she is mostly creating her songs by building and manipulating loops with the digital delay and then playing along with them.

Also like Halvorson, she does seem to deploy an expression pedal from time to time on her digitally reverb’d harp, which is a cool effect to hear.

So, if you come into this expecting something more like Colleen, or Satie, you may not be disappointed. Quiet, pleasant pieces, that are a little quirky, but not in a disturbing way.

It’s more end of the day wind down music or music for a relaxing lost weekend at a spa in the Redwoods than commute music.

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2017-06-06 Play What They Want

Play What They Want by Man Forever.

With various vocal and instrumental collaborators providing long tones over Colpitts’ propulsive drum arrangements, the contrast between the two gives this album a trippy, psychedelic feel. I want more. <--Gratuitous Can Reference. #TodaysCommuteSoundtrack #KidMillions #JohnColpitts #ManForever #LaurieAnderson #YoLaTengo #MaryLattimore #GratuitousCanReference