The March Flog

The March Flog by Kevin Drumm.
Bandcamp Link: The March Flog
One, or two, cool things about bandcamp is that some artists allow you to subscribe to their output. For a minimal fee you can support them in a sustainable manner and they make their whole back catalog and any new releases available. Plus, they usually make other interesting bonus stuff available.

So, if an artist is someone like, say, Kevin Drumm, who regularly produces one or two albums a month, this is a pretty great deal.

You get a couple releases a month, and he gets a subscriber.

One of the other cool things about bandcamp is that artists are no longer tied to the temporal limitations of certain formats.

For someone who is writing drones, two twenty minute sides, or one 45 minute disk, might not be enough. “March Flog” is 4 pieces, each around 30 minutes. Around two hours of music.

They pieces are named after parts of the day. “Morning”, “Before Noon”, “Afternoon”, and “Later”. On these, Drumm is in more of a sound field mode, than in an extreme noise mode. There are no Jack Hammers or Band Saws.

This is peaceful, meditative music about sonic events which slowly interact with each other and then separate. Like watching clouds float across the sky. Well, that, and some pretty awesome sub-bass.

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