Logos by Dos Santos.

I don’t know much about this band, other than that they are on a label whose Jazz releases I really like.

So, I was a bit surprised when I listened and heard a sort of Pan-Latin melting pot. Not dissimilar to the Los Lobos related Latin Playboys project or the Meridian Brothers.

The vocals, while in Spanish, are primarily influenced by Brazilian Tropicalia music, and they float serenely over the various styles of music which bubble underneath.

From Columbian Cumbia, to pretty straight ahead Latin Rock, to funk, soul, and beyond, the music runs the gamut. Though, like the Latin Playboys, they are playing with a bit wider field of view, in terms of production and sound, than you would typically hear in the source music.

One thing I do really like, is that they take the time to get real horn charts (ANTIBALAS HORNS!) on a couple tunes, which brings a special feel to “logos” and “(you are) my revolution”. A great soundtrack for the first commute of the summer.

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