2017-11-02 Anna Högberg Attack

Anna Högberg Attack

Anna Högberg Attack by Anna Högberg Attack.

Label Link: Anna Högberg Attack

I forget where I heard about this album from Swedish Saxophonist Anna Högberg’s Attack Sextet. I think, a couple years ago, a few jazz bloggers wrote about it.

In any case, I bought it, sort of forgot about it, and didn’t listen through it until this morning. As, unfortunately, happens all too frequently with digital assets.

A fun mix of free and composed music, harmony and noise. Listening, I think the artist she owes the most to in her compositions is probably Charles Mingus. His concepts of harmony and “folk jazz” seem to permeate a lot of the written parts on this album. Which isn’t a bad thing.

The “out” bits are pretty out. The most extreme probably “Regnet”, where one of the sax player limits themselves to spitty, slurpy, gurgling. Pretty “Punk Rock”, if you ask me, and I’m not easily shocked. And the nice bits of the playing are quite nice. There are some almost hymn like chordal harmonies on “Familjen”. Also, there is a song called, “Lisa med Kniven”, which, unless I’m mistaken, means, “Lisa with Knives”. I wish I’d listened sooner.

Also, best album cover ever!

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