Cancelled by Toned.
Bandcamp Link: Cancelled

Toned is Tom Weeks, alto saxophone; Nathan Corder, electronics; and Leo Suarez, drums.

Two long pieces, “Cancelled” and “For Harry Dean Stanton”; and one shorter pieces, “Toned”; and one micro, 24 second, piece, “Sterile”.

On “Cancelled” Weeks spends the first ten minutes, or so, exploring flutter tonguing without vocalizing tones on his sax while Corder plays small electronics. Suarez comes in, using his hands to coax vibrational tones out of his drums, briefly segueing to hand drumming, then the song fades.

“Toned” is a more typical chaotic “free jazz” piece, with Weeks playing his sax and Suarez playing percussion. Corder comes in, seemingly processing Weeks’ sax through electronics. The piece finishes with Corder on keyboards.

“For Harry Dean Stanton” is probably my favorite piece, sounding like a field recording in a woods or rain storm. Various sounds fade in and out, with none of the players ever resorting to what might be called “music” for the length of the song.

“Sterile” is a very short balls to the wall improvisation.

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