2018-01-03 Lekhfa


Lekhfa by Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca, and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh.

A collaboration between three Egyptian musicians, two vocalists, Maryam Saleh and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, along with multi-instrumentalist and producer Maurice Louca.

What I think of is how Middle Eastern and Indian music influenced American and British Psychedelic rock musicians. This album is sort of the reverse happening, with American and British Psychedelic music returning and influencing these Egyptian musicians.

There is always something interesting happening on this album, whether it is the vocalist intertwining with synthesizers or unexpectedly modern beats under traditional instrumentation.

Another album I heard via Forced Exposure, who have the following to say about the album, “Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca, and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, names that have turned heads in alternative Arabic music with solo albums and conspicuous collaborations. With Lekhfa, they give birth to an off-kilter sound where layers of grit and beauty intertwine in and around the dystopian poems of their contemporary Mido Zoheir, whom they’ve dubbed the fourth member in this creation, and one of the most talented Egyptian poets of their generation.” 

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