Lageos by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

I guess these guys are kind of the London equivalent of San Francisco’s Magik*Magic Orchestra. They’ve done a lot of film work and a lot of collaborations.

This album is a collaboration with the electronic artist Actress.

So often classical music influenced dance music goes so horribly wrong. Well, as well, dance music influenced by classical music.

And while the classical bits of this aren’t probably going to win over the Brahms and Beethoven crowd, it is pretty legit, at least in terms of 21st Century acoustic music. And the electronic bits are surprisingly abstract and sometimes atonal. I think only one song “Hubble” really employs what could be considered a dance music type beat.

So if classical people won’t probably like this and it’s not danceable, who is going to listen to it?

I guess people interested in cool 21st century music which sits comfortably under no banner or label.

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