2017-11-13 Absent Personae

Absent Personae

Absent Personae by Kepla and DeForest Brown, Jr.

Boomkat Link: Absent Personae
“The piece is a post-industrial Dérive considering the psychological liminal zones between old and new industry and urbanity, the changing landscapes of labor: a fractured genealogical memory trace obscured by intercepted signals and the liquidating flux of late capitalism.” From the liner notes.

Uh, right.

Basically, we have a sound landscape created by digitally manipulating the sounds of Afro-European and African-American culture. The sounds are often a-rhythmically bent, spindled, and mutilated beyond recognition. Into this base sound environment, DeForest Brown, Jr, occasionally intones, Andy Fairley-like, upon the nature of the “black body”, scars, and cultural issues.

Similar, I suppose, in practice, to Jlin’s Black Origami, but quite different in result, largely due to the fact that Kepla and Brown do not impose a rhythmic framework beyond the normal cadences of the human voice.

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