Schizophrenic Blues

Schizophrenic Blues by Noah Howard.
Bandcamp Link: Schizophrenic Blues

Picked this up as an impulse buy from Destination: Out’s bandcamp site a while ago.

This is in the neighborhood of Albert Ayler or Ornette Coleman, but, despite the title, lighter in tone than most of either of those men’s work.

Howard was born in New Orleans and grew up playing music in the Church. You can hear it in his harmonies. Great work all around, especially notable are the trumpet and alto sax interactions between trumpeter Itaru Oki and Howard.

Also, there is an ear catching double bass solo from Jean-Jacques Avenel which opens the song, “Creole Girl”. For what it is worth, both bassist Avenel and drummer Oliver Johnson would go on to play in Steve Lacy’s groups in the 1980s.

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Both Directions at Once

Both Directions at Once by John Coltrane.

John Coltrane died some 51 years ago, in 1967, before I turned 3 years old.

He has loomed large in my choice to play music, the Tenor Saxophone, and my listening habits.

How cool is it that, now, when I am reinvigorating my interest in music and the Tenor Sax, that new studio recordings turn up of his classic Quartet?

Priceless, I guess, is the answer. “Untitled Original 11386” is the gem of the album, especially on Take 2, where the band is really hopping.

That said, not everyone is going to dig listening to the band playing 2 or three versions of the same song just to hear the subtleties of the solos or coloring.

I, myself, could have done without either version of the rather bland ballad “Villa”. But, that’s really just a quibble, and this is new, old music by The John Coltrane Quartet near their prime.

Required listening. (Don’t ask me why I’m commuting on Sunday. It is a long, and really boring, story.) #TodaysCommuteSoundtrack #JohnColtrane #JimmyGarrison #ElvinJones #McCoyTyner #BothDirectionsAtOnce