Kudu by Anteloper.
Bandcamp Link: Kudu

Anteloper is a duo of Jaimie Breezy Branch, (Trumpet, electronics,) and Jason Nazary, (Percussion, electronics). Bandcamp named it “Album of the Day” last Wednesday, saying, “…it is an apt soundtrack to our currently crumbling world”. Ms Branch is further quoted, saying, about her more Jazz-ish album Fly or Die, “It may be a stupid fucking world we’re living in right now, but it still needs a soundtrack.” First off, unlike Fly or Die, this album doesn’t traffic much in Jazz idioms. 
I saw Branch in a duo with Ben LaMar-Gay last year in Chicago, a pretty abstract set, nearly industrial. I was prepared for Anteloper to be similarly abstract, but it really isn’t. It has moments of abstraction, but the core of the music and rhythms are fairly accessible. Closer to the Drum, Trumpet, and Effects duo/trio Spaceheads than anything else I can think of. I will say it is apt that this album’s release date was, ahem, April 20th, aka 4/20.

If Ms Branch and Mr Nazary are the soundtrack to our fucked up present, well, at least we have something rocking to listen to, while the world goes down in flames around us.

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