Istikrarli Hayal Hakikattir

İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir by Gaye Su Akyol; Bandcamp Link: İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir

Number 45 in the Wire Magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 Releases of 2018.

Gaye Su Akyol is a Turkish vocalist.

Her music, primarily, mixes Psychedelic Music influences, Surf Music influences, and Turkish folk scales and motifs.

I’m just gonna put an extended quote from her album notes here and leave it at that.

“We are masses moving within a huge chaos. We are the disaster seeds of a cultural collapse which infiltrates the human mind and inhibits dreams. In an age when we are forced to forget dreaming, as societies we become weak signals of the barren mind. We are descendants of unqualified herds that follow grunts. We are the miserable, standardized, un-rebellious and unfounded robots of the new world.

“What could be the one thing that could separate us from this herd, these masses, these crises of ambition ground down by the things we memorize?

“This album is in search of the great crisis of existence, the assorted peculiarities that you are subjected to when you refuse to get used to and are alienated by things such as war, or death, a sudden separation forever from a loved one, dreams for instance, the nature of species, what we look for in this weird planet, what we are not able to find, what we call real and what we turn down as dreams.

“Dreams keep you awake and it is time to wake up!”

Gaye Su Akyol

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