Helm by Hobby Horse.
Bandcamp Link: Helm

When I’ve put my albums up on bandcamp, I guess I take an unusual tack with the selection of songs. I’ve usually got two jazz standards arranged for clarinet quartet, two harsh electronic pieces, and a couple improv solo tracks for whatever instrument I’m working on. I figure, if one of my theoretical listeners doesn’t like a song, I should give them something else on the next one. Not to mention represent the breadth of my interests.

Helm seem to be kindred spirits in the eclectic astral-musical plane.

This album starts with a fairly standard jazz trio workout for Bass Clarinet, Bass, and Drums. Then moves to a tune based around dance-like electronic bass and live percussion. Then some pretty sick drum and bass type stuff with sax. “Buckle” is a return to some nice atmospheric jazz, but traffics a bit in fusion tropes towards the end. “Born Again Cretin” sounds like it could be from a Robert Wyatt album. And ‘Amundsen – Evidently Chickentown” is, well, is a 21st Century version of John Cooper Clarke’s “Evidently Chickentown” embedded in the middle of an extended atmospheric electronic music piece that wouldn’t be out of place on a Roland Kayn album.

Like I said, fellow travelers on the “eclectic” astral-musical plane.

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