2017-10-31 Endgame of the Anthorpocene

Endgame of the Anthropocene

Endgame of the Anthropocene by Talibam!

Bandcamp Link: Endgame of the Anthropocene

Keyboards and Percussion (mostly electronic). I wasn’t familiar with Talibam!, but they are on ESP-Disk’ and Saxophonist Matt Nelson sometimes plays with them (but not on this release). The titles are kind of awesome, like, “Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only’ (Article 1)” and “Cost-Effective Drilling Enabled by Pioneering Technologies and Warmer Climates in the Southern Ocean”. Obviously, there is a theme here.

The music is instrumental, short attention span, ADHD, manic type stuff. Most themes last for a couple minutes only. They vary from Focus-esque anthem-rock to modern electronic dance and everything in between. On the plus side, if there’s something you don’t like, you just have to wait a couple minutes for something else to come along. On the minus side, it gets a little tiring to listen to. <-Old Guy Complaint! #Talibam! #EndgameOfTheAnthropocene #TodaysCommuteSoundtrack