Collagically Speaking

Collagically Speaking by R + R = NOW
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With September we’re heading into my least favorite part of the year in San Francisco.

Cool mornings and searing hot sun in the afternoon.

Brown is the color of Summer in San Francisco but Fall is the brownest part of the year.

Blown contrast and pastel colors. A single afternoon’s long sun can kill a plant that has been happily thriving under the rest of the year’s mist and fog. Wandering about without sun screen or a floppy hat can ruin your week.

It culminates in a Thanksgiving that is more likely to require shorts or a sun dress than a scarf and mittens.

At least after Thanksgiving it usually rains.

Oh, right, um music. Anyway, my fusion loving millennial co-worker brought this album to my attention. I appreciate the musicianship, especially the bassist Hodge and keyboardist Glasper. Beyond that, it is a bit too pop for me. As if Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced a modern Jazz album. Your mileage may vary.

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