2017-09-29 Crew Licks

Crew Licks

Crew Licks by Dead Rider.

I have a problem, OK, well, maybe two problems, with Dead Rider.

My first problem is that the vocalist, Todd Rittmann, was previously in a band I REALLY liked called “US Maple”. Mostly, I just wish Dead Rider was US Maple. But, it’s not, so I guess I should just get used to it.

Second, Dead Rider’s musical style is amorphous. One song will be in one musical style and the next in another. On Crew Licks, this means you get a couple Hendrix-esque tunes, a couple Sweet-esque tunes, and, god help me, a couple that sound like a more eclectic Red Hot Chili Peppers. This means, I like some songs on the album, and some rub me the wrong way. Again, after 4 albums, you’d think I’d make my peace with this.

They are named after a Hawkwind song, so I guess that is something. 
I should probably just go see them live, they’re playing the Hemlock on Oct 6. I’m sure they rock.

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