Real Enemies

Real Enemies by Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society.
Bandcamp Link: Real Enemies

Inspired by the events and policies which took shape in America after the attacks on the twin towers, Darcy James Argue has crafted a suite of songs which draw from diverse aspects of 20th Century music.

Incredibly ambitious in its scope, Real Enemies weds small, well chosen audio samples from presidents and public figures with complex arrangements which alternate between inspiration take from 20th Century “Classical” music and 20th Century “Popular” music. Despite all those serious aspects, it is a really fun album. It all sounds a little bit like “spy music” from films and television.

You might have a Latin Jazz inspired piece nuzzled against something that evokes Minimalism. Or funk snuggling with 12 tone. Or even modal free jazz playing over Glass-esque minimalism (which works surprisingly well!). This is a amazing, rewarding, and challenging listen. Highly recommended.

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