All Time Present

All Time Present by Chris Forsyth; Bandcamp Link: All Time Present

Up to this time, Chris Forsyth, when recording with a band, has usually recorded under the name, “Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band”.

This album includes some people usually in the Solar Motel Band, (Peter Kerlin, Bass; Jeff Zeigler, sonics,) and a few other guests.

I always start a bit ambivalent about Forsyth, he traffics so heavily in 1970s rock guitar tropes, but after a while, on this album, he won me over. I can’t help hearing Tom Verlaine, Robert Lloyd, Robert Quine, and Neil Young in his playing, but it seems so honestly come by, and he is such a talented guitarist, that I think I just need to let go of my history and listen to the new things he is trying to create with those gestures.

It helps that this is a longer album. It gives him more chance to stretch out and noodle, play off his co-musicians, and more time for me to appreciate his voice, rather than hearing others in it.

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2017-09-01 Dreaming in the Non-Dream

Dreaming in the Non-Dream

Dreaming in the Non-Dream (Great Title!) by Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band.

Two long songs and two shorter songs, on this new album from Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band.

The longer songs are instrumental jams, and often have a feeling of familiarity about them. “Wait, is that a Byrds Riff? Boy this sounds like Television. What the!? Is this section really a jam on the ‘Sing Women’ section of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’?” The best song, and the one where they seem most to throw off their allusions and influences, is, “Have We Mistaken the Bottle for the Whiskey Inside”. #Chris Forsyth #TheSolarMotelBand #ChrisForsythAndTheSolarMotelBand #TodaysCommuteSoundtrack