Sustain by Chaos Echoes (Echœs) and Mats Gustafsson.
Bandcamp Link: Sustain

Different groups have been taking different runs at “heavy” music with Saxophones. I’m not familiar with Chaos Echoes, aside from this album, so I don’t know how representative it is of their other music. Gustafsson, though, is always heavy in his own way, and this is no exception.

They build an atmosphere of dread and tension, haunted house horror movie music, but withhold the release. Especially on the second track, where minute after minute after minute Gustafsson pointedly avoids resolving the band’s chords, hanging on 6ths, 7ths, 2nds, and squonks until the song just fades out, unrequited.

Pretty cool, and, yep, pretty heavy. (My only real complaint is, with a total run time of about 25 minutes, this album is way too short for my taste. More, please.) 

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