Radiant Imprints

Radiant Imprints by James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor.
Label Website: Radiant Imprints

While I’ve recently listened to a few Sax/Drum duos by Binker and Moses, the record this reminds me the most of isn’t one of theirs, but, “Another Kind of Groove”, by Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual trio. Not just because of Mr Taylor’s use of Mbira (or Thumb Piano) as an instrument on a couple tracks, but also because Mr Lewis is surprisingly lyrical and melodic in his playing, as Billy Bang is on the violin on the Ritual Trio album. (Though, I do especially like the sound of the really low pitched Mbira that is deployed on some of the tracks.) Another point of comparison might be the Kahil El’Zabar and David Murray’s duo album, “Golden Sea”. Like Mr El’Zabars music, this is wonderfully atmospheric, groove based Jazz. Not easy listening, but a pleasure to listen to.

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2017-08-07 Sing Me Some Cry

Sing Me Some Cry by Eric Revis, Ken Vandermark, Kris Davis, and Chad Taylor.

I was super excited when I read on @ken_vandermark’s most informative, inspirational, and entertaining Instagram feed that he was recording with these talented individuals, all of whom I am a fan of. The result does not disappoint.

Moments of spiky tension and sequences of aching beauty.

Favorite track (at the moment): Solstice… The Girls (For Max & Xixi). 

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2015-05-19 A Night Walking Through Mirrors

A Night Walking Through Mirrors by The Chicago/London Underground.

A sound landscape to get lost in. Wonderful.

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