Exit Rumination

Exit Rumination by C. Diab.

C. Diab is a Canadian musician whose primary instrument is probably tape machines. He also plays various actual instruments. On this album, bowed guitars, trumpets, and flute. But I’ve seen pictures of his studio, and it is filled with vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, which he uses to create loops and delay effects.

I really enjoy his music.

It is contemplative without being boring. Noisy, without being loud. Moving, without lyrical content. I truly admire the way he shapes silence and sound into dynamic musical sculptures.

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2017-10-03 No Perfect Wave

No Perfect Wave

No Perfect Wave by C. Diab.

The primary instruments here are bowed stringed instruments, (including electric guitar,) accordion, and occasional trumpet. And, well, tape delay. Actually, it could be argued that tape delay is the primary instrument.

It is, sort of, heavy folk music.

In any case, I really enjoy this album. It is drone-ey and meditative, yet sonically varied enough that it remains interesting through its whole length and after repeated listenings.

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