The Indeterminate Existence

The Indeterminate Existence by Jack Wright.

Pittsburgh based musicians and poet Jack Wright had eluded my gaze until I noticed he was playing a series of gigs in the Bay Area this week.

These solo workouts on various Saxophones date to concerts he played in the late 90s.

Not sure how to describe them. Sonically they are very diverse. Especially on Alto Sax, he makes some sounds I can honestly say I have never heard come out of a Saxophone before.

If it reminded me of anyone, it would probably be Joe Maneri, with his invented languages and microtonal expressions.

The style of the improv is very conversational, in fact I notice for most of the tracks here he is vocalizing through the sax while he is playing, a conversation between himself and the instrument. However, this is an exhausting thing to do. It takes twice the breath support of just playing the sax. But, you get some very cool over tones.

In any case, you can check him out this week at Studio Grand, The Luggage Store Gallery, and The Canessa Gallery.

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