Blacks’ Myths

Blacks’ Myths by Blacks’ Myths.

Blacks’ Myths is Bassist Luke Stewart and Warren G. “Trae” Crudup III on drums.

Two great, young musicians making the music they want to make.

As a bassist Luke Stewart is impressive, handling lines on bass which many guitarists would be jealous of. Mr Crudup, similarly, is a polyrhtym machine.

They do use multitracking, particularly for the bass tracks, so he can hold down melody and rhythm parts.

But, overall, this has a live, jam, feel.

I particularly enjoyed the atmospheric, long track, “Black Flight”, which wouldn’t be out of place on an album from the German band Can.

But, despite that, I don’t quite feel this album quite comes together for me.

Steward and Crudup build excellent, moody, atmospheres and jumping tracks, but, for me, they never quite feel like they go anywhere beyond that initial idea. If you’re a bassist or a drummer, I could see you really digging it, from a technical perspective, but, for me, it doesn’t quite do it.

Maybe I’m just not wrapping my head around what they’re trying to do.

I’m gonna keep listening to it, and may change my mind.

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