2017-11-20 Bajas Fresh

Bajas Fresh

Bandcamp Link: Bajas Fresh

Bajas Fresh by Bitchin’ Bajas.

How much you enjoy this may depend on your tolerance for repetition. And, well, your “elevation”. It is, as they say, VERY relaxed.

The first couple songs are Tangerine Dream-esque keyboard and sequencer workouts, circa, say Rubicon or Phaedra. Personally, I think Tangerine Dream stopped being interesting after Atem and Alpha Centauri. So, kind of meh, for me. Then we get a flute led jam, a bells and tape delay workout, and a bit of jazz-eque improv.

Pleasant enough, all around, especially if you are doing something else, like gardening or cleaning the house. Probably good music to code to.

Just not sure it is interesting enough to stand up to close inspection.

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