Journey to the Mountain of Forever

(You just never know when you’re going to run across a 15 ft tall Princess Mononoke.) Journey to the Mountain of Forever by Binker and Moses.

A pretty cosmic name. 
Fortunately, however, this album owes almost nothing to the 70s Jazz Fusion band Return to Forever.

A double album is a pretty ballsy move for a Sax and drum duo!

They do include some guests, among them Saxophonist Evan Parker and percussionist Sarathy Korwar, for variety.

The weakest song is probably the Caribbean tinged Fete by the River, which ends up sounding like 70s tv soundtrack music or something the Saturday Night Live band might kick out between sketches.

But, other than that slight mis-step, the album feels largely filler-free, impressive for it’s length.

Nice to hear their playing with a few more performers to bounce off of.

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