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(No, not Jordan Glenn’s Percussive ensemble Beak, who have an excellent new album, “Beak“.)

This is Geoff Barrow’s band Beak>.

Geoff Barrow was in the Trip Hop band Portishead.

Lately, he has been involved in soundtrack music, specifically with directors Alex Garland (Ex Machina and Annihilation) and Ben Wheatley (Free Fire).

Beak> grew out of a project he did that was a reverse soundtrack. He created atmospheric music inspired by the Judge Dredd/2000AD comic book universe and released it as an album.

He called it a “soundtrack to a film that didn’t exist”.

Beak’s music is similar. Primarily Keyboard and Drums it feels like SciFi. Specifically, it feels like the 1980s and 1990s SciFi and thriller soundtracks of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter, with a little extra kraut-rock thrown in.

However, there is some very nice close harmony work in the vocals. I especially liked the last song, “When We Fall”.

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