Black Helicopters

Black Helicopters.

Black Helicopters by Agnarkea; Bandcamp Link: Black Helicopters

Number 28 in the wire magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 releases of 2018.

“Black Helicopters is Anarkea (Keaton Transue); a 20 year old producer from Richmond, Virginia,. “

It is funny, I was reminded about an interview at a recent City Arts and Lectures with Jeff Tweedy. Talking with author George Saunders about the myths of rock music, “There are tons of Rock and Roll myths that I think that are extremely idiotic…one of them is the generation gap…the notion that we are supposed to be adversarily related to previous generations. It’s like, it doesn’t do anybody any good. And it was marketing, it was basically for youth marketing…It really makes Rock music a less serious thing…If people only read books by people 19 years old! It would be miserable. It would be the worst. People don’t read any books by 19 year olds. Hardly at all, I would imagine.”

Well, this is a pretty interesting album by a 20 year old. Samples from the media over hip-hop type beats. A bit like a funkier negativland.

The subject matter is that of living in the modern day surveillance state.

But, it is hard to tell where the creator is coming from.

I am reminded that there is a sort of reverse confluence among the conspiracy theorists of the far right and the far left; anti-vaxers, tin foil hat theorists, flat earthers, etc. Those who believe that the government is conspiring against them and their ability to live their lives as they choose.

One of the voices I recognize among the samples is that of InfoWar’s Alex Jones, and I don’t think it is used in a satiric manner.

So, there’s that, take it as you will.

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